An adventure in quilting hexagons: Part 4 – piecing

(If you’ve missed the previous posts on this quilt, click here to catch up!)  
Piecing the top is my favourite part of making a quilt! I love seeing the finished design gradually coming together. 
See how the half-hexagons are great at creating an illusion of full hexagons, without all the work?!
I’ve included some more photos at the end of this post showing progress shots of the piecing… notice how the half-hexagons are first joined in rows, then the rows are joined and so on, creating bigger and bigger pieces until the whole quilt top is assembled? This method is great as it minimises the amount of work you have to do with large pieces of fabric, which can be tedious and tricky on most home sewing machines.
Anyway that’s all for now… I’ve been to purchase the wadding, backing and binding fabrics, so hopefully I’ll be able to post on the finished project soon!



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