A recent ‘bracelet’ project

I mentioned in my last jewellery post that I was going to try to get back into beading. I started with simple, but thought this time I’d try something totally different and a bit more involved. I ended up with this:


I say ‘bracelet’ because that’s what it was meant to be, but I got a bit carried away with the beading and it ended up much more like ankle length on me, oops! However, I do have quite small wrists, so it may be more comfortable as a bracelet on some people! I would recommend though, if you use this pattern, that you keep measuring as you go because the full quantity of beads makes a bracelet far too large for me!

This now anklet is based on this ‘oriental’ bracelet pattern.  You will notice it’s not quite the same – I got part way through and decided it didn’t need any more ornamentation – I’m a fan of small, light, delicate bracelets – but if you wanted a bit more sophistication, you could of course keep on beading!

Also, please don’t be afraid of this project! It may look complicated, but I have very little experience in bead weaving techniques and I found this easily manageable! Have confidence in yourself :).

Here’s a couple more shots to show the front, and the back with the clasp as well: (ok, I know, not the best photos – I’m still learning!)IMG_3281IMG_3284

What do you think of this project? Are you a fan of the delicate and simple, or more opulent and fancy?


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