Create: Honeycomb card


This is just going to be a quick little post today, to show you a card I made. You can never have too many handmade cards, right? I think it adds the perfect personal touch to any gift, or even as a card alone, shows the recipient that you have thought about them, and that you really care.

Recently, upon searching through my collection of cards I’ve made and not yet given, I discovered I don’t have a lot of gender-neutral or more male appropriate ones – the majority of what I have left is on the feminine side of things. So I decided, for my next one, I had to make something a bit more versatile – and this is what I came up with.  However, you could use this idea and go with any colour scheme you like!

I decided a pentagon accent would be nice to maintain the geometric feel but create contrast and edginess (get it, it has one less edge than the rest?!)

You really don’t need much to make something like this yourself:

blank card + hexagon-print scrapbooking paper + acrylic paints (I used lemon yellow, ultramarine blue, lime green and gold) + a brush + scrap of green card + pentagon stencil + sticky foam (to attach raised pentagon) = an easy card!

It’s quick too, you just have to allow time for the paint to dry… so maybe not one you want to make the same day you intend to give it ;).

Here’s a progress shot or two, because why not:



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