An adventure in quilting hexagons: Part 1 – Inspiration

Ok, I’m the first to admit that I don’t have a lot of quilting experience.  This quilt below is the first and only one I’ve ever made… It came as a kit from Spotlight a while back and it’s basically squares and rectangles.  So even as an inexperienced quilter, it took me no time at all to sew and I love it.  And so, because I enjoyed making it so much I decided (even though it’s really not good for the budget) that it’s time to make another quilt.


So why hexagons, you ask? Well, I’ve always liked hexagon quilts, but it was really this picture on Pinterest that made me want to give it a go.


Something about the simplicity of almost monochrome hexagons with a contrasting border drew me in and I knew I had to make a quilt like this one.

The only thing I worried about was how difficult hexagons would be to sew, which a quick google revealed is a valid concern as it really only works well if you sew them by hand.

That simply wasn’t going to happen. I hate hand sewing.

So when I came across this wonderful tutorial I knew it was the solution. Start with half hexagons so you only have to sew straight lines?  Yes please!


So it looks like this quilt is going to be a combination of two ideas: the colour scheme of the first, and the pattern from the second tutorial.

Now to choose some fabric…





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